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Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management in Metro Vancouver

Regional Hazard/Risk Assessment (HRA)

​Through hazard discussions with Emergency Program Coordinators, the need for a regional hazard/risk assessment for Metro Vancouver was acknowledged and subsequently undertaken as an IPREM initiative in order to:

  • Measure risk consistently across the region
  • Reference regional hazards to all individual Local Authority’s Emergency Plan and Stakeholder’s Emergency Plan
  • Build upon Local Authorities and stakeholders individual hazard risk assessments
  • Encourage collaboration between other jurisdictions with similar activities in preparedness and mitigation
  • Improve policy level decision making


The Consolidated Risk Assessment component from the Capability Based Planning model was chosen as the initial methodology to provide a framework to identify a list of potential risks and hazards through the use of hazard scenarios. The Capability Based Planning model was being piloted across several communities across Canada and used an all hazard approach includes:

  • Five hazard categories:
  1. Natural
  2. Technological
  3. Human Accidental
  4. Human Intentional
  5. Terrorism Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE)
  • Overall risk formula to evaluate the likelihood of the event and adverse impacts after the event.

The process was refined by IPREM to improve effectiveness and transparency prior to its delivery in Metro Vancouver.


This initiative would not have been possible without the support from Subject Matter Experts, participants in the hazard workshops, City of Burnaby and Justice Institute of British Columbia for hosting workshops, Defence Research Development Canada for providing initial model and guidance throughout the process.

IPREM acknowledges the resources provided by Local Authorities and other Stakeholders to develop t list of Analyzed Regional Hazards with the Greatest Potential Impacts to Metro Vancouver and thanks you for this contribution and your continued support of IPREM.


The current depiction of the list of Analyzed Regional Hazards with the Greatest Potential Impacts to Metro Vancouver based on information received at the hazard workshops subsequent analysis. There will always be evolving hazards that require multi‐functional and multi‐jurisdictional coordination. The hazard scenarios evaluated for the hazard workshops are plausible based on knowledge from Subject Matter Experts.

If you have any questions, please contact email IPREM at