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Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management in Metro Vancouver

All Hazard Integrated Regional Concept of Operations

Decision making in a post-disaster environment is a challenge for all regions who must respond and recover from a major event.

Purpose: To collectively agree on how local authorities will share information, collaborate on decisions and coordinate resources during regional emergencies.

Deliverable: IPREM will recommend a model and guidelines for implementation during a regional emergency event.

Update: Presentations have been made to EMBC, Metro Vancouver (Board, Mayor’s committee, RAAC, REAC, REPC, RFAC), the Greater Vancouver Fire Chief’s Association, Regional Operational Police Managers Committee and Translink. These presentations discussed the need for a regional concept of operations and the guiding principles IPRREM is using in its development. To date, all groups have recommended that IPREM continue to develop the Regional Concept of Operations. Now that the initial round of consultations is complete, IPREM will be working to develop possible concept of operations models that could be employed regionally.