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Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management in Metro Vancouver


‚ÄčThe IPREM partnership was formed to facilitate regional emergency planning within Metro Vancouver. An effective regional planning landscape requires the concerted efforts of many to create and maintain a regional projects.

Under the direction of our Steering Committee, IPREM undertakes emergency planning initiatives that are regional in nature. The scope of IPREM's involvement will be dependent on each individual initiative. IPREM tasks can include: performing current state assessments, establishing benchmarks and recommendations, providing oversight and support mechanisms, piloting regional initiatives, or sharing best practices.

Key to the integrated planning approach is the involvement of working groups for each of the initiatives. Membership is determined based on the needs of each initiative and is meant to be representative of regional stakeholders.

The roles and responsibilities of each working group may differ depending on the scope and role that IPREM holds for any given initiative. Working group tasks may range from advisory to research to development and review.