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Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management in Metro Vancouver

Regional Emergency Communications Strategy

‚ÄčEmergency Management by nature responds to imperfect conditions. Response efforts are aided by the efficient, timely, accurate exchange of information, and complicated by stakeholders who lack common technical and especially procedural operating environments. 

Purpose: determine a process to develop and maintain regional emergency communications.

Deliverable: A recommended regional emergency communications strategy and governance framework.

Regional Interoperability Vision: We can communicate as required and authorized through a collaborative and sustainable regional framework in support of a disaster resilient region.

Emergency Communications
Messages that are exchanged between emergency management stakeholders

Technical Interoperability
Exists when two or more devices can send and receive information to and from each other

Functional Interoperability
Exists when users have the leadership and support, standard operating procedures, technology, training and regular usage to enable predictable and consistent communication

Draft Regional Emergency Communications Strategy
IPREM is pleased to release this draft document for review. We will be facilitating targeted presentations on the strategy and look forward the direction outlined within. Please forward comments on the strategy to