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Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management in Metro Vancouver

Steering Committee


Collective decision making on priorities, resources and policy recommendations; develop and administer the business plan and budget; and liaise with other senior appointed officials.


Co-chaired by a provincial and a local/regional representative. Membership consists of: (4) Provincial Ministry/Inter-Agency Emergency Preparedness Council, (1) Metro Vancouver, (2) Regional Administrative Advisory Committee (RAAC), (1) Regional Emergency Planning Committee (REPC).

/about/structure/SteeringCommittee/CarolMason.jpgCarol Mason
Chief Administrative Officer and Commissioner, Metro Vancouver Regional District, coordinating IPREM activities with various Metro Vancouver Committees
/about/structure/SteeringCommittee/DirkNyland.jpgDirk Nyland
Chief Engineer, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) and representative of the Inter-Agency Emergency Preparedness Council (IEPC), coordinating IPREM activities between MoTI and other provincial agencies.
/about/structure/SteeringCommittee/DoritMason.jpgDorit Mason
Director, North Shore Emergency Management Office, and information conduit with the Regional Emergency Planning Committee (REPC), brings an emergency management practitioner perspective to IPREM.
/about/structure/SteeringCommittee/JohnLeeburn.jpgJohn Leeburn
Chief Administrative Officer, City of Port Coquitlam, IPREM Co-Chair, and responsible for keeping his counterparts on the Regional Administrative Advisory Committee (RAAC) apprised on IPREM initiatives and potential linkages to Local Authority programs.
/about/structure/SteeringCommittee/vincelalonde.pngVince Lalonde
Chief Administrative Officer, City of Surrey, appointed RAAC representative is focused on supporting high level regional emergency planning initiatives.
/about/structure/SteeringCommittee/BeckDenlinger.pngRebecca Denlinger
Deputy Minister, Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness, IPREM Co-Chair, ensures the Ministry works closely with all levels of government and private sector to improve emergency response by creating effective emergency plans.
Executive Director, Emergency Management Unit, Ministry of Health and representative of the IEPC, brings a health emergency management perspective to IPREM.
/about/structure/SteeringCommittee/MikeMcfarlane.pngMike Mcfarlane
Executive Director, Environmental Management Branch, Ministry of Environment and representative of the IEPC, brings an environmental emergency response perspective to IPREM.